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Is the common command of the PS?

Asked by: White 211 views Software April 7, 2021

Is the common command of the PS?

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    PS shortcuts Daquan, toolbox (multiple tools share a shortcut key, press [Shift] to add this shortcut to select) Rectangle, elliptical box tool [M] Mobile tool [V] Subsorphic, polygonal set, magnetic rocker [L] Magic Wand Tool [W] Crop tool [C] Slice tool, slice selection tool [K] Spray gun tool [J] Brush tool, pencil tool [b] Like a skin stamp, pattern stamp [s] Historical brush tool, art history brush [Y] Like skin, background erase, magic image skin [E] Gradient tool, paint bucket tool [g] Blur, sharpening, smear [R] Reduce, deepen, cotton tools [o] Path Selection Tool, Direct Picking Tool [A]

    Jack White- April 7, 2021 |