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Old photos where you can check the shooting time

Asked by: Kevin White 133 views Phone & Tablet April 13, 2021

Old photo back watermark 027 292 41 ** - 1 n 1-2 17 2 (013) What does it mean, if you want to find out how to shoot how to find

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    Old photo back watermark 027 292 41 ** – 1 n 1-2 17 2 (013) is a phase paper manufacturer printed, and there is no association with the shooting time of the photo, and cannot pass the back Watermarking time, paper photos can do time identification, but the cost and technical requirements are high, and it is not necessarily accurate;

    If it is an electronic photo phone, it can be easily completed with a computer;

    1 Select the picture we need to view, then right click to click, select [Properties].

    2. Select [Details] in the selection column above.

    3. We can see [Shooting Time] in the [Source] column, then click on it, you can view the shooting time of this picture, or modify the time.

    Carlos- April 13, 2021 |