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The computer is turned on too slow W10

Asked by: Gloria 92 views Computer April 21, 2021

The computer is turned on too slow W10

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    The computer is turned too slowly W10 1. Optimization system
    1. Reduce unnecessary startup items to reduce your computer. Many software “like” startup with the system, disabling the boot startup item is one of the way to increase the boot speed, neither a way to spend money and very effective. How to proceed with the computer boot
    Windows 10 can operate directly in Task Manager, other versions of the Windows operating system management operations in MSConfig startup, if you don’t understand, it is recommended to use third-party optimization software to optimize.
    2. Disabling unnecessary services, some services we may never use, disabling some services will also be burned for computers.
    Right-click on the computer → management → service, set the unwanted service to disable, if you don’t understand, it is recommended to use third-party optimization software to optimize.
    3, clear the junk file reasonably.
    Some optimized software frequently prompts how many junk files. In fact, frequent cleaning of garbage may make the computer slower, because some files are not garbage files, computer pre-read documents, which will speed up the computer to a certain extent.
    Some residual registry, a big impact on the boot speed, and some computer management software is difficult to clean up. You need to manually clear, press Winkey + R, and enter the regedit Enter in the Run window. Open the registry, find and delete the keywords of the software name. Note that the deletion of the registry has certain risks to do not delete the principle.
    Second, kill viruses
    1. If there is a malicious program in the computer, the computer will become unparalleled whether it is boot or running. Therefore, the poisoned computer will have quality improvement after the virus.
    There are three ways to antilociate: 1 routinely taking drug, 2 safety model anti-virus, 3pe system anti-virus.
    2. For viruses that can’t be killed, reinstalling systems can be used.
    Third, correctly select the operating system
    1. For the configuration of the configuration, the hardware old computer, it is recommended to use the XP system.
    2. If the configuration meets the requirements, it is recommended to use Windows 10.1. Microsoft has special optimization for Windows 10’s boot speed, with UEFI, even if the mechanical hard disk can control the boot speed within 15 seconds. How to proceed with the computer boot
    3. Set the motherboard to UEFI boot (requires reinstalling system), UEFI avoids the cumbersome start of traditional BIOS self-test, greatly improves the boot speed.
    If the memory is greater than 4G, it is recommended to select a 64-bit operating system from the perspective of making full use of resources.

    Donald Harrison- April 21, 2021 |

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    Open Win10 Quick Start Features:

    1, enter the Control Panel in the Search Box to open the control panel.

    2, select the power option.

    3, click “Select the function button”.

    4, click “Change the settings that are not available until”.

    5, restart after the “Enable Fast Start” is hooked.

    Source: http://www.xiaobaixitong.com/win10jiaocheng/29967.html? TDSOURCETAG = S_PCQQ_AIOMSG

    Robert Cooper- April 21, 2021 |

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    Open the self-starting ,

    Taylor- April 21, 2021 |