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After OpenWRT shares the printer, print pictures is not complete, please guide the gods

Asked by: Kenneth Powell 258 views Hardware May 1, 2021

OpenWRT shares the printer, print the picture is not a problem.

1, scanned picture or photo picture, each printing picture is small in the middle;

2, computer open picture screenshot printing no problem;

3, change the same problem;

effect is as shown in Figure

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    Printer printing incomplete reason 1: Software failure
    The printer is not integrated by the software failure. You can change the print interface settings in Windows95 / 98. Select “Start → Settings → Control Panel → System → Device Management → Port → Printer Port → Drivers → Change Drivers → Display all devices, change the “ECP Print Port” to “printer port” confirmation.
    Printer printing incomplete reasons 2: may be air
    Open the cover, put it over a place that is slightly higher than the printer, so print one or two color more complex pictures to empty the air in the pipe. Normally, put the lid cover, even the position is not moved, and it will be used in this way.
    Printer printing incomplete reasons 3: print mode is not set
    Word document The vertical print is complete, the horizontal print is incomplete: the printer default is that the print mode is the vertical print is the vertical version, if you want to print the horizontal version of the document, you need to set the printer first in the first item. Paper type, select page settings in print settings, change vertical to horizontally.
    Printer printing incomplete reasons four: web page printing on background pattern, completely printing changes
    Change the default settings of the Internet Options, current premise is to use high resolution color printers. Select Internet Explorer’s “Tool” command, select “Advanced” page in the Open “Internet Options window, then click” Print Color and Image “under Print” in the Settings window. Option

    Jane Mitchell- May 1, 2021 |