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Computer screen ratio cannot be adjusted

Asked by: Jeffrey Campbell 154 views Computer May 20, 2021

The day before yesterday, I don't know what button, I haven't confirmed (I can't get up), and then I will not change it. Three reloading systems, only Win10, ASUS B450M-K motherboard, CPU is Ruilong 7-2700, the graphics card is 1050Ti.

2 Answers

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    Press the Auto key on the monitor

    Question: The monitor on the menu, and one left, right, one return, one switch. (I control the screen automatic adjustment, but no effect) Question: What control panel is used, modify the over-resolution or not. Answer: Adjusts to the optimal resolution according to the size of the display, if there is no optimal resolution, the graphics drive is unloaded.

    Michael Morris- May 20, 2021 |

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    If you install, download and upgrade a driver try, you may not change, but you can choose other suitable resolution; if the brand is driven and hardware. Note that some genuine software is binding, if other software is used, sometimes you may need to re-purchase genuine.

    Theresa Harrison- May 20, 2021 |