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Huawei Nova7 PRO, P30, P40 is high

Asked by: Jack 191 views Hardware May 21, 2021

I want to change a 5G mobile phone. These three don't know that the price is better. Ask which God knows

Addition: or give a 5G mobile phone, cost-effective , I don't want to use Vivo thanked

1 Answers

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    You want 5G mobile phones, P30 does not support 5G. So there are only two options left.

    These two mobile phones

    NOVA7 Pro Kirin 985 6.57 inch curved screen ratio P40 price 3600

    P40 Kirin 990 5G 6.1 inch cattle glitter camera 4200 <

    Performance camera P40 is dominated, but NOVA7 PRO is not bad.

    If you like to take pictures to choose P40 No problem

    If you like a surface screen to select Nova7 Pro, a lot more than P40.

    Davis- May 21, 2021 |