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What should I do if the C disk space is insufficient?

Asked by: Randy Griffiths 158 views Software May 26, 2021

What should I do if the C disk space is insufficient?

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    1. First give your computer antivirus, many times the C disk space is due to the virus, it is recommended to use the system cleanup function of Kingsoft Internet Security, cleanup virus and garbage.
    2. Remove the C disk in virtual memory. Method: Right-click on the desktop in my computer picture, click [Properties] => Advanced => Performance => Setting => Advanced => Change => Drive [Trip] there Select D disk => Check Custom Size => Initial value write 2048, maximum write 2048 => point setting; then the drive [volume label] there will choose the C disk => selected custom size => The initial value write 0, the maximum value write 0 => point setting => OK, if prompted to restart the computer, please restart.
    3. Please delete some less software or a relatively large software (such as QQ, Photoshop), and then reinstall it, please install it to other disks, such as D or E, F, etc. when you are deleted. (You can use it normally (you can install it). Method: Click on the lower left corner to start => Control panel => Add or delete programs => Select the software you want to delete and then delete.
    4. Change the [My Document] archive path, my document has accumulated a lot of space, and my document will save the path by default, and we can change it to other disks. Method: Right-click on the [My Document] icon on the desktop, change the [C: \ My Documents] of the target folder to [D: \ My Documents], point [Yes], click [OK].
    5. Clean up the files that finish the desktop. In general, many people like to put the files on the desktop, and the desktop is also a C drive. Over time, it will account for a lot of spaces of the C drive, and useful files, MP3 and movies, etc. All cut to other disks, so you can make a lot of C disk space.

    Heather Wilson- May 26, 2021 |

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    method / step

    Right-click “This computer”, select “Management” option, after entering computer management, click “Disk management”. You can see the following disk display, the C disk and the E disk belong to a type, you can give the E disk space to the C drive. Right click on the E disk, select “Compressed Volume”, the system will prompt the maximum compressed range, and the compressed space can be seen from the position close to the E disk. The disk that must be smashed can be added, otherwise it is not possible, so the things in the E disk need all shifts, delete the E disk. This will pop up the “Extended Volume” option after the C drive is right, otherwise it is gray, and you can’t choose. Add a disk to add it in, click “Next”, after adding success, there is a lot of space.

    Antonio Griffiths- May 27, 2021 |

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    Clean your computer

    Kathryn Kelly- May 27, 2021 |