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2667v2 Why is only 14 threads?

Asked by: Diana 204 views Hardware June 19, 2021

Hello, I just bought a 2667v2, 2.3, 8 core 16 thread, now only 14 threads can be displayed, seeking big guidance, thank you.

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    may be that the system does not correctly identify the processor.

    This situation is only seen in the case of a non-server version system installation key (Xeon) processor.

    In addition, you should be able to view all (16) logical cores (boxes) in the task manager of the system.

    According to the illustration of the illustration, it is determined that the system should be Win7. The ideal work environment of the strong series processor should be the Windows Server version.

    Win10 system can also more accurately identify more hardware.

    If you don’t worry, you can use Intel’s processor identification program to detect.

    Intel Processor Identification Utility

    file Name: Intel (r) processor identification utility.exe

    file size: 18.4 MB (19,350,192 bytes)

    MD5: 88657750EB6451B331CF48976931F871

    CRC32: 34A9346D

    download link: <

    https://downloadmirror.intel.com/28539/A08/INTEL (R)% 20Processor% 20IDentification% 20UTILITY.EXE

    Mildred Wood- June 19, 2021 |