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Computer wireless network connection cannot be enabled

Asked by: Michelle Rose 197 views Computer June 20, 2021

As the title, the network is not very good, I want to re-enable the wireless network connection. After disabling it, then the blue screen is restarted, and then the card is activated in the "Enable ..." window. Solve

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    Don’t go online, see if it is a wireless network card.

    Open Control Panel – Network and Internet – View Network Status and Tasks – Change Network Adapter

    If after enabling wireless network connection Still gray, continue to see

    Click Start, find the run, enter the service.msc Click OK (if you did not find the run, open the start menu – Right click on the left in the lower right corner – Attributes – Customized, tick – OK in front of “Run Command”.)

    Find WLAN AutoConfig Start


    Catherine Cook- June 20, 2021 |