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How to restart your computer?

Asked by: Paul 214 views Computer June 20, 2021

How to restart your computer?

8 Answers

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    On the Start menu (different system is slightly distinctive)

    Win10 is right-click

    Willie Robinson- June 20, 2021 |

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    The thread of the home pulls down, then push it up, then go to the computer to press the start button

    Johnny- June 20, 2021 |

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    Start menu Select Close the computer to restart your computer

    Stephanie White- June 20, 2021 |

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    Find the start button of the desktop, click, find the restart of this button. Or can’t find it, press the switch button on the host, and press it for a few seconds and let go. This is forced restart. If this is not, just off, then open the power.

    Samuel King- June 21, 2021 |

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    long press the power button 5 second

    Shirley Young- June 21, 2021 |

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    1. Refers to the computer still running, the crash, the restart mode selected under slow conditions. The method is as follows: Click the “Start” menu in the lower left corner, point Start menu The bottom-related machine option, then select Restart in the “Shutdown” tab, click “OK”. 2. Hotkest Restart Press “Ctrl + Alt + Del” two times, directly Start the computer. 3. On the keyboard button fault, when the hot start is unable to start. Press the restart on the chassis Press

    Catherine Ross- June 21, 2021 |

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    on the

    Katherine- June 21, 2021 |

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    Restart does not have a quick restart, restart, the time used to boot, either you write your computer, the comparison of the logout is fast, starting – the logout is.

    Cynthia Russell- June 21, 2021 |