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How Word removes extra carriage return

Asked by: Brian Morgan 190 views Software June 28, 2021

For example, the extra carriage return of this paragraph is removed: "As a CF and LOL players, one of the basic skills is

to find something on the screen, On the day, year, his observation absolute and

Holmes are not up and down.

When you are with you, he will not ignore the

Various feelings, including your smile, one fell in

. When you tired, he will help you; if you are happy, he will enjoy it with you

is happiness; when you are depressed, he will comfort you. Hey, there is a husband, what is the husband! "

2 Answers

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    first plus the true segmentation, such as “@ #”

    then replace “”

    replace “@ #” is the Enter

    Albert Price- June 28, 2021 |

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    Generally uses Word more convenient. Copy the content to the Word editing interface, the mouse is positioned to the first, Ctrl + F, pop-up screen Click “Replace”, enter “^ P” in “Finding Content”, and then replace it.

    Mary Mason- June 28, 2021 |