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How to set up computer application time

Asked by: Howard Miller 164 views Computer August 1, 2021

How to set up computer application time

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    Limiting the boot time method is as follows:
    1 First, press the “DELETE” button when you start the computer, press the “DELETE” button to enter the BIOS interface.In the main interface of the BIOS setting, select the Power Management Setup menu to enter the power management window.By default, “Automatic Power Up, Some Machine Options for the Resume By ALARM” option is closed, move the cursor to the item, change “disabled” to “enabled” with the Pageup or PageDown page button.
    2 and then set the date and time of the boot in Date (Of Month Alarm “and” Time (HH: MM: SS) ALARM.If “Date” is set to 0, the default is turned on every day.After setting, press the “ESC” to return to the BIOS to set the main interface, click “Save EXIT SETUP”, press the “Y” button to save the CMOS settings,
    3 Then the machine will restart, then it is very good.
    Of course, it is worth noting that the timer is turned on to support the motherboard, but most motherboards have this feature.In addition, different motherboards will not be the same, but they are all different.

    Keith Simpson- August 2, 2021 |