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C disk space 40GB, 31GB has been used, but only 8GB is left, the scanning garbage is only cleaned up to hundreds of MB.

Asked by: Jason Kelly 186 views Internet August 13, 2021

I also expand the C disk and click the attribute to find only 22GB. According to the reason, the C drive should be 17GB.But all the files in the C drive add up to 22g, why will it be

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    Hidden files, such as virtual memory and sleep files, you 8G memory, general virtual memory is also 8G, and sleep files, which also takes about 1G, so 22 + 8 + 1 is almost 31g.

    can be slim with the system disk in the 360 ​​security guard function, you can transfer the virtual memory to other disks and turn off the sleep.

    There is also your C disk file 22g is also a bit more. Generally, the 64-bit WIN7 system just finished, it is less than 15g, your C drive Download, Hbssmdown, Kugou, Mobileemumaster These folders are not systematic, and can be transferred or deleted. There is also an estimate and your desktop, there are too many files in the document, such as WeChat and QQ default accept files in the document, and the document defaults C. There is also a software installed in the C drive.

    Jennifer- August 13, 2021 |

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    C disk also has virtual memory, temporary file, browser cache, junk files, etc., will occupy hard disk space, now 40G’s capacity installation system is too small.

    Susan Stevens- August 13, 2021 |

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    First empty your recycle bin, follow the lots of your chat records. If you are more memory, open my computer, then press Backspace, find the Administrator folder, find my document in the folder, open WeChat Files, open the folder of your WeChat corresponding account, open File Storage Delete the records inside these folders in the folders of Cache and File, Vido. If you often use WeChat and have used good words that haven’t been deleted for a long time, the space will get bigger. Of course, don’t forget to empty the recycle bin.

    Peter- August 13, 2021 |

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    may be hidden file

    Billy Collins- August 13, 2021 |

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    Is it installed in a C disk?

    Rebecca- August 13, 2021 |