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Windows10 card does not go to the login industry how to solve

Asked by: Johnny Cook 175 views Software August 14, 2021

After booting, I have been in the landing interface, and I can't get in it after I landed, and I will return to the lock screen interface. Once again, it is the same.I logged over my Microsoft's network account in the morning and I have been downloading.I installed three fans in the afternoon. When I started, I made this look. I would like to solve it!Safety model also needs to log in to the account, so the security model will not enter!(As shown)

2 Answers

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    account login, the security model can not only reload the system

    Ward- August 15, 2021 |

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    feeling is a system problem, it is recommended to re-system, pay attention to the system, turn the network cable, and enter the systemInterpolated network line

    Theresa Martin- August 15, 2021 |