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Why is there only two disks left on my computer, how can the other two disks disappear?

Asked by: Sean Johnson 244 views Computer August 15, 2021

The computer is broken, and the computer is broken to the computer city to repair it. After repairing it, it will be this. Is it passive when repairing? How do you find another two other disappeared disks?

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    Why is there only two disks left on my computer, how can the other two disks disappear?

    Only C, D disk is due to the computer installation system, only two discs are selected. The computer runs slow due to the Too many things of the C drive, one of the computer hard disk main partitions, is generally used for storage or installation system. It is the default local system boot hard disk. When the computer is started, it is to read the data of the C drive, if something is more started, it will slow down. If you don’t know what the C drive should be deleted, you want to run quickly, then you can only reload the system, save the software to the D disk. Most of the C-disk files are mainly composed of Documents and Settings, Windows, Program Files, and the Program Files folder is generally the default location of the installation software, but it is also the location of the virus, so to the C drive Conduct strict protection. It is extremely important for a single operating system for the local hard disk, so it is usually not to put the C disk as much as possible.

    Extended data: The benefits of computers C, D disk: only C, D disk can be started quickly, the system is large, other The capacity is returned to non-system dishes, and the form of a mixed number of people can be placed in non-system. There is too much to cause hard disk space waste, such as thinking about 2GB movies, the remaining space of the entire hard disk is sufficient, because the partition is too much, the remaining space of a single partition is not enough. There are more partitions, and the speed of transmitting files between the two disks is not as fast as one disk. In addition, if there are too many partitions, if you think which disk is not enough, you want to re-divide the space space is easy to lose data. However, the hard drive of most computer users will usually be divided into 3-4 partitions. Generally opened my computer, you can see C, D, E, F drive, etc. For large-capacity mechanical hard drives, such as 1TB hard drives, points 3-4 areas, can be more convenient to separate document models, such as C disk is a system disk, D disk is software disk, E disk is office data The disk, the F disc is a movie or backup disk, and the like. In summary, the less and better principle of hard disk partition, the partition is more, which will reduce the remaining space of the hard disk, especially the SSD, which is relatively small, if the capacity is only 120-240GB, usually the system C drive to pre- Leave 60-100GB, the remaining space is not large, so the best points in 2 areas. If it is a large capacity mechanical hard drive, in order to better manage documents, it is also reasonable in 3-4 districts, and more than 4 generally do not recommend it.

    Question: The answer is more detailed, it is really better.

    Martin Hunter- August 16, 2021 |

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    I don’t know how many hard drives you have before, if it is two The biggest possibility is that the other piece of power supply is not connected!

    Roger Harris- August 16, 2021 |

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    You will be fine if the system is reloaded, try it.

    Teresa- August 16, 2021 |

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    Only C, D disk is only divided into two discs when the computer is installed.

    Stevens- August 16, 2021 |