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How to use TOMD built-in modification

Asked by: Mark Kelly 202 views Hardware August 24, 2021

How to use TOMD built-in modification

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    TMODLOADER is a powerful tool for making mod, or by him to compatibility with some mods that must use his MOD. The following small series will explain the MOD production process and the common question.
    TMODLOADER Introduction:
    TMODLoader is essentially similar to TAPI’s mode, providing a way to load your own MOD, so you don’t need TR source code to operate, which means you can easily make your own MOD withOthers are compatible, do not need you to go to the egg pain, reformed Terraria.exe, and avoid you must understand all the difficulty “complex” TR source code.
    The author’s goal is to make TMODLOADER as simple as possible, and give the game module powerful game function, follow, anyone is enough to make its own independent mod


    Margaret- August 24, 2021 |