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Does EXCEL have [Shortcuts] for replacing the specified object.How do you operate?

Asked by: Teresa Bennett 213 views Software August 30, 2021

, for example, "+" replaces a wrap, and the unit downstream row

effect is shown in

Addition: Supplement: 1. Only use Excel, because I am now borrowed Word assistance.2. I have seen a "replacement + shift + keypad 10", but there is no effect after actual operation.It may be that I have an error, or the version problem ... The individual wants to find it is best to adapt to all versions (WPS / Office / Micro Table ...).

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    You can use the word, first use the replacement symbol to replace + to replace the line (1 + keypad of the Alt + keypad), and the data will be wrap in the table and copy the table after the wrap to Word.Then replicate the form from the word.

    Brandon Hughes- August 30, 2021 |