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Need to replace configuration?

Asked by: Anthony 159 views Hardware September 2, 2021

Need to replace configuration?

2 Answers

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    I don’t know what your needs is.

    If it is a daily office, it is complete enough

    if it is playing a game, it is also possible

    , but play 3A, large game (such as a certainSearch for S.If you want to play games, you can change a GTX1650 graphics card.

    Graham- September 2, 2021 |

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    Total to see your computer bottleneck in graphics card, CPU performance is still, playing a general online game or can..

    is mainly the graphics card is too weak..There is a budget to change a graphics card to play online games such as a 1650S..

    Conditions Genonol now 8G memory is more than 100..

    Susan Rogers- September 3, 2021 |