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How does the WPS compare two table content and extract

Asked by: David Griffiths 244 views Software September 8, 2021

, such as a list A column A column A column content, but the order is different, I want a form B list the contents of the corresponding B formal B, such as judgment table 1A1 = Table 2A5, then Table 1B1 Fill in Table 2B5Content

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    If you say the “A form” in front is the “Table 1” behind, and (assume) two table files named “Table 1.xls” “Table 2.XLS”,
    It can be implemented as follows
    First open two table files separately in WPS;
    Select the B1 cell of Table 1, click [FX] to insert the function button; find the VLOOKUP function, click [OK]
    (1) Click the Find Value input box and click on the A1 cell;
    (2) Click on the data table input box, click on the file label above the WPS to switch to Table 2 (.xls), (mouse) to select the query range, be careful not to select;
    (3) Click on the column number input box, enter 2;
    (4) Click on the matching condition input box, enter 0, click [OK].
    The rest of the unit is pulled.
    ** If you are saying Table 1, Table 2 refers to the different worksheets (Sheets) in a table file, simply click on the worksheet label below WPS to switch to “Table 2”.

    All operations as moving:

    Answer: My answer has been submitted for a few days, I don’t know if you have seen it, and give you a more detailed point:
    In the example of my design, the two files in Table 1, Table 2 are in a folder, and of course the VLookup dialog box can be achieved by mouse points.
    The formula filled in the B1 of Table 1 in this example is:
    = VLOOKUP (A1, [Table 2.XLS] Sheet1! $ A $ 1: $ b $ 12,2,0)
    In order to better understand, specially cut the contents of Table 2 alone: ​​
    Answer: Table 2 Content: Answer: It is best to save the search library in Table 1 In different forms (Sheet) in the same file (Workbook), you don’t have to worry that the two file storage position changes have caused the table retrieval to fail.
    When the formula is input, the above-mentioned step (2) Switch to another form only needs to click on the form label switch below the left side of the interface, and the formula will automatically adjust when the mouse selection range is selected. After selecting the retrieval area, pay special attention to the [F4] in the back box of [Data Table] to change the zone reference to the “Table 2! $ 1 $ 1: $ B $ 12” style absolute reference, the rest of the steps That is to say above.

    Roger Wood- September 9, 2021 |

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    This can be implemented with a VLOOKUP function, and you can try it yourself.

    Jesse Saunders- September 9, 2021 |