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In the future life and study, how can I be a good person to ask questions?

Asked by: Joyce Wilson 220 views IT July 27, 2018

In the future life and study, how can I be a good person to ask questions?

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       Be good at asking questions, in fact, it is the “speaking” in communication. In the right place, if you say the right words, what you say is acceptable to everyone and resonate. But this is just a speech, sometimes a process of self-improvement. The sublimation of character will bring more points to your “speaking”. Let’s start with the following points. Maybe someday, we will become a popular questioner.

         Psychological state is better

        Mentality is a key thing, only the mentality is right, learning with humility, wanting to get better With a mentality, the next change process can proceed smoothly. Please remember that whenever you want to do something, the first thing is that your mentality must be good.

        Less talk

        Always say the wrong thing before you can speak, then you must change this situation first, you must first Learn to talk less. If you don’t want to say anything, learn to stay silent for a while, so that you can avoid the bad situation caused by wrong words. This little talk is not to let you not talk, just to let you talk less. I still have to talk when you talk.

         Observing others’ conversations

          Observing others to speak is to point to others to learn. I can’t talk, but I can learn and learn from those who can talk. People, it doesn’t matter, the terrible thing is not to learn. As long as you are willing to learn and willing to change, everything will be fine. In my daily life, I will observe the friends around me and see what they say, and slowly remember them in my heart. I will say this when I encounter this situation next time.

        Can’t say

          Just because you can’t talk, sometimes, in some occasions, you’re hiding your own I might say something. This is the most important thing. He said that once discovered, the consequences are more serious than not speaking. At this time, it is better to admit that you are weak, for example, you can say that you don’t understand, or that I don’t know. This gives people an impression at least better than what you said.

        Dare to talk

          When you are not sinful or confusing, you will be very upset, next time You may not want to talk when you encounter such an occasion. This kind of mentality is wrong. We can’t say that we didn’t say it last time. I won’t say it this time. This kind of thinking is very naive. If this is the case, then when I can’t learn it, I can only say that I dare to face my own weakness, then I can only become better.

         Learn to talk

         Learn to speak, it’s a persistent thing, keep learning, can’t remember today, forget tomorrow This is very bad. If this is the case, I will not learn it at any time. So if you want to change, you must insist on learning how others learn. It is very important to learn to talk. The previous points are all there. If you can do this, you will basically become a talking person soon.

    Elizabeth- July 27, 2018 |

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    Those who are good at thinking are good at asking questions.

    Brian- July 27, 2018 |

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    You can have more questions if you take more

    Barbara Harris- July 27, 2018 |

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    Read more books, think more, and learn more.

    Larry Clarke- July 27, 2018 |