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Computer failure

Asked by: Joe 66 views Computer January 21, 2022

The computer deletes files, but restarts the computer files, it is restored, not poisoning, and the reloading system will not be reloaded.

4 Answers

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    You have a desktop icon virus. The following methods hopes to help you solve.
    1. Download a: “360 system first aid kit”
    (1) First “check” virus, then delete it, “immediately restart”!
    (2) After restarting, click “Isolation | Recovery”, click: “Thoroughly delete” virus files and “suspicious self-start”!
    (3) Click “Repair”, “All Choice”, and “Repair” file!
    (4) Open again: “Restore lost DLL files”, scan it, if not!
    2. Use the “360 Security Guard” “Scanning Plugin”, then “cleaning the plugin”, delete it!
    3. Use “360 anti-virus four engine version”, “full scan”, viral Trojans, then delete it!
    4. Use “360 Security Guard” to “repair IE”, click “Use 360 ​​Safety URL Navigation”, then “All Choice”, “One-click Repair”, “Return”!

    Matthew- January 21, 2022 |

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    You should see if the restore software

    Albert- January 21, 2022 |

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    can try to see this data recovery software because various causes result in the loss of data to recover . http://www.downxia.com/downinfo/354866.html

    Scott- January 21, 2022 |

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    Not in the reload, not even the method is wrong; unless the computer can’t lit, if the power-on start does not respond, it is estimated that hardware problem , Recommended to send!

    Jones- January 21, 2022 |