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Computer desktop image is always automatically changed

Asked by: Walter 80 views Computer January 29, 2022

I don't have a few times in the computer's personalized design. When it is adjusted, it will be normal after adjusting, and one session screen is always automatically changed, and it is different screens

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    computer desktop image is always automatically changed


    In the XP system, this problem is generally because of the security desktop problem, this is 360 security desktopExample.
    Select the “Wallpaper” of the security desktop, the window opens to shut down the “automatic replacement wallpaper” state.

    description: computer desktop background automatic replacement
    Solution: Desktop automatic replacement in Win7 system is because set multiple desktop background images, right-click on the desktop blank selection personalized, then select the desktop background, there is a current desktop background, you can choose one more, choose moreIf the slide is automatically played, there is a spacing time in the lower side.
    Note: There is a list in a list when choosing the desktop background, there is still a later setup, find the current desktop background

    Adam Bailey- January 29, 2022 |