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Notebook external interface card

Asked by: Norma 31 views Computer January 29, 2022

Recently I want to buy a game on Steam, but my graphics card configuration is not compared with his recommended configuration, I am planning 1. You can't play that game 2. If you are in addition to the upgrade card, whether it is a method 1 or method2 I will not, hope that in the gods guide

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    Notebook will first purchase an external graphics card suitable for notebooks.
    The general external graphics card is usb.Please purchase it according to your needs.Plug directly after purchase, then use the graphics card manual to install the graphics card.To debug the graphics card, set the resolution of the graphics card with the display, and some special settings you have.

    Notebook external external graphics step:
    1, the notebook is adjacent to the “EXP GDC” PCI-E X16 extension base (baseband independent power supply, power supply to graphics card), install a desktop graphics card, graphics card external display.
    2. Enter the device manager to disable the notebook built-in independent, otherwise a blue-screen phenomenon can be displayed, and the external exterior is displayed. The display mode is changed to display the screen only on the external display. At this time the notebook is automatically switched to an external independent work.

    Deborah Palmer- January 30, 2022 |