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How to solve the Net :: err_connection_reset after opening AutoCAD

Asked by: Theresa Clark 91 views IT January 31, 2022

How to solve the net :: err_connection_reset after opening AutoCAD?Webpage can open


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    1. Check if the NetBeui appears in the configuration bar. Open the control panel, double-click the “Network” option, open the Network dialog. Check if there is NetBeui in the network component that is installed in the Configuration tab. If not, click the Add button under the list, select the Network Protocol dialog box, select Microsoft in the Manufacturers list, select NetBeui in the Network Protocol list. Click OK, insert the installation disk according to the prompt, install NetBeui.
    2. Back to the Network dialog box, select the Dial-up Network Adapter, click the “Properties” button in the list of the list. Select the “Bind” tab in the “Properties” dialog box, cancel the pair of check boxes in the preceding item other than “TCP / IP-> Network Adapter”!
    3. Back to the Network dialog box, select the “TCP / IP-> Dial-up Network Adapter” Click the “Properties” button in the list of the list, don’t be afraid to pop up the warning dialog box, click “OK”. Select the “Bind” tab in the TCP / IP Properties dialog box, cancel the pair of all items in the list! Click “OK”, then Windows will warn you “has not selected binding Drive. Is there a drive now? “Click” No “. After that, the system will prompt to restart your computer and confirm.
    4. Confirm that cancel the binding. Re-enter the “TCP / IP Properties” dialog box of “TCP / IP-> Dial-up Network Adapter”, select the “NetBIOS” tab, see “Enabling the NetBIOS” through TCP / IP “item to be cleared! Co-point twice “Cancel” exits the “Network” dialog (don’t click “confirm”, so that there is no surprise).

    Antonio White- January 31, 2022 |