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What is the foundation for learning software development?

Asked by: Ann Watson 62 views Software February 2, 2022

What is the foundation for learning software development?

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    1. Learning software development requires a lot of mathematics, English, so there is a need to have a certain mathematical, English foundation. With this foundation, you can learn more than half of it. Of course, the requirements for mathematics and English have not imagined.
    What is the software development needs?
    Software development must-have foundation 2, basic programming language
    The programming language is the key to the development of software development, and the initiator is good according to their own preferences or occupational planning. At present, mainstream programming languages ​​include Java, PHP, .NET, C # language, etc., novice suggestion starting from the C language, it is the language that is also useful, and can then expand slowly. In fact, many programming languages ​​are interoperable, such as data type, variable, constant, etc. During learning practice, understand the programming connotation, develop programming thinking, so cross-language learning will be very fast.
    Learn software development must-have foundation 3, database (SQL Server) knowledge
    In addition to basic learning, the database is essential. The storage of data is essential during software development operation.
    Study software development must-have foundation 4, web related knowledge
    Mainly divided into HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

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    Learning basic programming foundation

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