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Is there a liquid hard disk in the world?

Asked by: Joshua Lee 24 views Hardware February 15, 2022

Is there a liquid hard disk in the world?

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    Liquid hard disk, liquid hard disk is the hard disk of Fluid Dynamic Bearing Motors, is also known as liquid bearing hard drive, many friends confuse it with solid-state drives, in fact, liquid hard drive does not refer to storage media liquidization, Instead, the hard disk of the oil film instead of the ball is not a ball, the technology has been applied to the precision machinery industry, and its technical core is the use of mucosa liquid oil bearings to replace the ball in oil film. In 1996, Seagate produced the world’s first FDB motor, and then launched hard drive products using liquid bearing motors. Compared to traditional ball bearing hard drives, the advantage of liquid bearing hard disks is obvious.

    One is the noise reduction and cooling. Avoid direct friction of the ball and the bearing metal surface, so that the hard disk noise and its heat generated are minimized;

    2 is shock absorption noise reduction. The oil film can effectively absorb the vibration, enhance the seismic capacity of the hard disk; third is to reduce wear and improve the hard disk work reliability and service life. The hard drive like us is a “mechanical hard disk”. Most of this hard drive is the liquid hard drive we discussed in this article. In fact, the interior of our mechanical hard drive is a circular glass like a DVD. Like DVD, rotate the disk with a horse to read data from the internal head. Reading and writing is limited by the speed and seek time, so it is slow.

    and the new solid state drive is actually a super-large flash disk (U disk), there is no limit on the speed, and does not need to find, so the read and write speed is far super Mechanical hard drives, more power saving, and there is no noise. But the price is also more than 100 thousand times more than the mechanical hard drive. There are two completely different concepts when solid-state hard drives and liquid hard drives, although they are hard drives, but they are stored in different storage media.

    Solid state drive is all electronic, using integrated circuit storage technology, using a hard disk composed of a address controller using a memory chip, similar to U disk technology, without any mechanical moving parts. Compared to the traditional mechanical hard disk, use high-speed rotating disks to store data, read and write through the magnetic head, similar to the early floppy disk work mode. What bearing is used for rotating disks, which is not solid. If you say a lubricating oil film, it can be considered a liquid bearing as long as it is a running shaft. Therefore, the liquid hard drive has been previously, and many people don’t understand what is liquid hard drive. In fact, the liquid hard drive has been around you, but you didn’t find it.

    I believe that everyone has clearly understood what the liquid hard disk means, hoping to help everyone.

    Brandon Hunt- February 15, 2022 |

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    There is currently not

    Bailey- February 15, 2022 |