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What desktop computer configuration can be moved Pubg high effects?I want to install one computer

Asked by: Stephen Harris 63 views Computer February 17, 2022

I have a set of configurations here, I don't know if I don't know. If I can change the configuration, I hope to make recommendations

computer graphics card: GALAXY 1660 S 6G

computer motherboard: ASUS B460

Computer memory: Kingston 16G

computer hard drive: Samsung 256G + 1T

computer radiator: Jonber Fan Tuoi Tube

ComputerCPU: Intel i5 10400

Addition: Can my world light tracking can be moved?Can you play with Takov?Hope the computer's big answer!Online, etc.

addition: Can you play? Addition: I am a computer white, the owner gave me a set of configurations, saying that pubg is no problem, I am afraid to ask the majority of netizens to configure this configuration flower 4840RMB assembly worth it?Can you play Pubg?ASUS B460 ← Motherboard GALAXY 1660 S 6G ← graphic cards I5 10400 ← CPU Samsung 256G + 1T ← Hard Dish Kingston 16g ← Containers 500W Great Wall ← Power Joe Bo Fans Tour ← Fans will not take the same or cottage to chargeAh?

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    1. This configuration can stabilize the Pubg high performance, or you can play the Takov, and the

    2.gtx1660s supports light tracking, but to drive light tracking Even At least RTX2060 can also have a smooth and stable experience.

    Answer: See the addition: The hardware can basically use the model parameter to its official website to check the real holiday check and warranty, remember to check the hardware serial number to check the hardware serial number; 3. As for the price you can inquire about the online query, entity The installed is always earned, after all, the service is good, it is convenient, and a few hundred is normal. PS: Requires the ticket to the store to write a clear hardware specific model parameter and service guarantee; if you have a good hardware package.

    Alice Clarke- February 17, 2022 |

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    Eating chicken can not be efficient, other efficient no problem.

    Eating chicken is efficient, the graphics card should be used in RTX2060.

    Answer: Hardware brand is no problem, to reach all of the above requirements, the graphics card must change the RTX2060.

    Victor Palmer- February 17, 2022 |

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    can always match. It is recommended that the motherboard and graphics card use the same brand, such a compatibility,

    Phillip Walker- February 17, 2022 |

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    Light tracking graphics card 2 begins such as a graphics card opening, such as 1660s, is not supported

    < BR>

    These games can be played.

    Douglas King- February 17, 2022 |