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How to fix my computer?Online, etc.

Asked by: Harold Saunders 40 views Computer February 20, 2022

How to fix my computer?Online, etc.

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    The computer system is repaired, then it is recommended that you directly reinstall the system, to make a U-boot disk, then download a system image, you can install:
    1. Use the [U depth U disk boot disk production tool] to make a U-boot disk, restart the computer waiting to start the start shortcut button, select the U disk boot to enter the U depth main menu, select “[02] Win8PE installed maintenance version (New machine) “option
    2, enter the Win8PE system, will pop up the installation tool, click “Browse” to select the Win system mirror file in the U disk.
    3, Waiting for the U depth PE installed tool to automatically load the WIN system mirror package installation file, simply select the installation disk location, then click the “OK” button.
    4. At this point, click the “OK” button directly in the pop-up prompt window.
    5, then install the tool to start working, please be patient for a few minutes.
    6. After the completion, the restart computer prompt will pop up, click “Yes” button.
    7, at this time, you can remove the USB flash drive, restart the system start installation, we do not need to operate, wait for the installation to complete, and finally enter the system desk, how to restart it

    Tammy- February 21, 2022 |

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    My computer How to fix? Online, etc.

    Norma Fox- February 21, 2022 |