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How to do CookingFever flashback

Asked by: Henry Kennedy 29 views Software February 25, 2022

How to do CookingFever flashback

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    If you can’t use it, I have Chai Jun. I recommend you try EC software, because EC can effectively improve this problem.
    . Have you used the other 10 seconds to tell you how the EC access platform does?
    Come first a daily must-have little joke
    Today, there is a painkille in the middle of the night, so I have a stomach.
    Have the title: stomach, can you not hurt?
    Stomach: I am not awkward, my name is Chu Yu
    Have the title now tell you the actual exercise of the access platform: use settings
    To protect the advertising clues, you can get timely allocation and follow-up
    When people can set up new clues, the system automatically pushes the click settings, notify settings
    You can select the frequency and time of the system push, and click Save after the setting is complete.
    To the specified time, a series will send a reminder through service messages, if you need to cross allocation
    You can choose corporate association settings for enterprise account associations, special instructions
    This feature applies to group companies with multiple enterprise accounts, click to add related associations
    After entering the associated corporate ID, the associated enterprise will receive a notice to be authorized
    The other party confirms that the information will be successful after the invitation will be successful, and the clues can be allocated when allocation.
    In order to improve the transfers efficiency of the clue, the transmit efficiency and automatic assignment of the clues can be set, and the flow rule settings are set.
    In the clue filter settings
    After opening the filter is not filtered, the platform imported clues will automatically transform
    Enter the list of assigned a list, open automatic allocation in the Business Machine Assignment Setting Plate
    Set a member of the member or businesses involved in allocation will automatically assign to employees according to the rules below.
    Open automatic storage
    Set a member of the participating automatic storage library, the system will automatically enable the library when employees receive allocation
    After the account authorization is imported, if the company will perform filtering, automatically assign the storage, the three functions are open.
    Once the cables will be automatically entered to the client library to correspondence
    Can be configured on demand
    There is Chai Jun say so, do you understand?

    Jimmy Cox- February 26, 2022 |

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    有 有 君 10 seconds tell you why your current customer resources are more than others? First tell your case, a cold joke: Have a staunch, so he has to hold his fist, hungry to his own belly, help yourself to export hungry, how difficult it is The search engine cost is high, and the cost of market activity is increasingly high. It is not good to have a corporate profit naturally increasingly low. The people who can get the results of the performance rewards have been returned. Now they are only brushing WeChat, but you will hope that the phone can be won by calling. Today, your performance rapidly growing peers began to use EC to win customers, there is Chai Jun that said, do you understand?

    Mildred- February 26, 2022 |