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I just used the computer to use it to learn English. Is there any suitable back word software or a web page recommendation?

Asked by: Steven Price 43 views Computer February 26, 2022

I just used the computer to use it to learn English. Is there any suitable back word software or a web page recommendation?

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    About English in English is the most suitable thing is to earnestly lead the textbook in class, one step and one footprints and persevere, thank you

    Question: This is mainly fast and fake, Studying at home. Answer: Retracence can learn to learn while learning a back English word and phrase

    Louis Kelly- February 26, 2022 |

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    hundred words, Tencent translation king, scallop Words, fluent, DAKA, etc. First, the hundred words of the hundred words are a “map-back word software” developed by Chengdu Super Ai Technology Co., Ltd. for English learning. Software provides a fun map and example sentences for each word, making a word a pleasure. In December 2019, the General Office of the Ministry of Education announced the first batch of education APP filings, and hundreds of words passed the record. Second, Tencent Translation Jun is a mobile version of mobile version of Tencent, which provides multi-language text, voice translation function. On November 4th, Tencent recently launched a new product called “translation king”. As the name, this product is a translation tool. According to Tencent, “Translation Jun” is a real-time dialogue translation software for Tencent, which is currently supported in the language of China, Britain, Japan and Han. Third, the scallop word scallop word is a English word for the scallop. Developers are Nanjing Bay Bay Information Technology Co., Ltd. April 2019 scallop word upgrade is a scallop word English version. Scallop word English version is based on the heuristic learning method. During the learning process, the system will not immediately tell the answer, let the user know whether to know this word, and determine the interpretation according to the example sentences, help the user memories and understand.

    four, English fluent “English fluency” is a speech-speaking learning application that combines the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinnovating oral teaching concepts and cutting-edge voice assessment technology, let you ” I can’t help but speak English, help you really get rid of “Dumb English”! Dialogue, Daily Directive Dialogue from Silicon Valley, fun, addictive dialogue, let you easily practice, don’t know I feel “fluent”. August 8, 2018, English fluent said that the Gold Award Operations New Force Award. 5, DAKA DAKA and other apps are different in that it only launches only one topic every day, through the form of “Daka Sauce” voice chat, exercising, thinking about itself, organizing English logic ability. The topic selected by Daka is the most fresh, most popular topic, not only helps communicate with unavoidable communication, but also is also helpful for some small partners.

    Joe Mason- February 26, 2022 |