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Does Fuji printers cleaner with settings?

Asked by: Diane 62 views Hardware February 25, 2022

addition: My printer, toner is still good, then the printer's indicator is always flashing, and when printing a few, stop printing, and will reply again, please ask what is going on., Begging to answer, thank you ~

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    Will Fuji printers use the settings to clear

    Fuji printer clear step:

    1, press [MENU function] and then press Up to under the <1.General Setup>, Then press [OK] health. 2, press the top and down health “and press [OK] health. 3, press up and down, then press [OK] health. 4, press [STOP / EXIT] button to exit. The printer installation step: 1, “Start” – “Printer and Fax”, click “Add Printer” in the left pane, open the “Welcome Add Printer Wizard” dialog, click “Next”, Open the Local or Network Printer Select the Connection dialog. 2, select the first “Local printer connected to this computer”, check “Automatically detect and install plug and play printer”, click “Next” to open the “New Printer Detection” dialog. 3, after the detection, “Next”, open the Select Printer Port dialog. 4, click “Use the following port”, in the drop-down list on the right, select the recommended printer port “LPT1:”, click “Next”, open the Install Printer Software dialog. 5. In the “Vendor” list, click the vendor name, in the “Printer” list, click the printer name, click Next, open the Name Printer dialog. 6. Enter the printer name in the Print Machine Name text box, click “Next” to open the Printer Sharing dialog. 7, click “Do not share this printer”, play “Next”, open the Print Test Page dialog. 8, select “NO”, play “Next”, and complete the auto search computer with the printer software to install. 9, click ‘Finish’.

    Denise Holmes- February 25, 2022 |