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How to resolve the configuration of LOL

Asked by: Johnny 27 views Hardware March 17, 2022

My computer x64 compatible desktop computer

operating system Windows 10 Core 64-bit

SMS discrete graphics (Support for games and movies)

IE browser version number 11.0

Basic Hardware display

processor AMD Ryzen 3 1200 quad-core

motherboard China China AB350M-HDV

Memory 8 GB (Shiyan DDR4 3000MHz)

Main Hard Disk Tablet 240GB NP900C-2280 (240 GB / Solid State Hard Disk)

Master-icon NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB / NVIDIA)

Display Camellia AOC2481 2481W (24 inches)

NICRui Wei RTL8168 / 8111/8112 Gigabit Ethernet Controller / Huahao

Sound Card Ruiyi Alc887 @ AMD High Definition Audio Controller

1 Answers

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    The graphics card can not keep up, 660 is low, the pocket is allowed to change 960, it is not 730

    Question: Is it mainly a graphics card? Can you?

    Answer:You are talking about the CPU, basically enough, but old, your CPU performance is equivalent to 3 generation I5, a little low

    Alan Brown- March 17, 2022 |