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How can I let my computer wake up from sleep to log in?

Asked by: Price 60 views Computer March 17, 2022

I have already set a wake up to log in, but when I wake up, I won't need a password. I would like to solve the addition: previous picture is not uploaded, please see

2 Answers

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    This is simple.Set – Account – Login Options – Other Settings — In “You want Windows how long after you open the computer how long, if you ask for login” Where, choose “Wake the computer from your sleep” “”> I have a screenshot here, you will understand:

    Question: I am setting up, but I don’t have it, how to deal with Question: My is Win10 Answer: Your computer will automatically turn off the screen for a while after you have no operation?

    Mary Hill- March 17, 2022 |

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    Where are you setting up, don’t say anyone who knows you?

    Some software also provides similar screening power, but not sleep

    Question: Can you see the picture I uploaded?Maybe it’s not uploaded? Question: Hello, have been re-uploaded, please see

    Palmer- March 17, 2022 |