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After removing a hard drive, it is prompted that one or more drives cannot be detected during POST.

Asked by: Chris Hall 33 views Hardware April 5, 2022

After removing a hard drive, it is prompted that one or more drives can not be detected during the POST. In the demolished hard disk, the other hard disk has been restored, the computer is Dell Optitelx 380

3 Answers

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    Determine what system is required, requiring several correspondence (regular systems, rather than being modified by DIY, otherwise bugs):

    1, win7 and previous system requirements:

    a, motherboard Legacy BIOS mode, or compatible switch opens

    b, hard disk mode MRB (even if the transformed system must have a MRB partition, and the system is installed in the MRB mode partition), Boot mode

    c in partition format, the boot partition is set to normal activation partition (the first partition of the disk, there are many normal installation systems exist in a hidden partition (free) about 100m, FAT format Contains activation information Similar to the directory of \ boot name, a lot of non-normal installation or upgrade installations will put this directory in the disk (C:))

    2, win8, and after system 10 /11… (p

    , motherboard UEFI mode, or compatible switch open

    b, hard disk GPT (Guid Partition Table) mode,

    C, There are normal EFI partitions, store pre-reading hardware drivers (the operating system is no longer responsible for maintaining hardware, but after driving, the operating system)

    In addition, Win11 must also support TPM2.0 (should be A chip, the old machine for more than 5 years should be directly classified)

    Peter Rogers- April 6, 2022 |

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    can be fixed with 360 guidance.

    Answer : BIOS Reset Restore

    Michelle Watson- April 6, 2022 |

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    You have to do the boot

    James- April 7, 2022 |