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What should I do if there is no sound in the computer video

Asked by: James Lee 52 views Computer April 24, 2022

What should I do if there is no sound in the computer video

7 Answers

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    What should I do if there is no sound in computer video

    Elizabeth Stewart- April 24, 2022 |

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    Try the driver

    Patel- April 24, 2022 |

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    1. First of all, determine whether it is caused by hardware.
    Check whether the computer sound card hardware equipment, speakers and other equipment are damaged, whether the connection cable is properly inserted, remove the sound card, rub the golden fingers with rubber Whether to solve, if you have another computer, it is recommended to get another computer to try whether the hardware is damaged.
    2. Whether the sound card driver is installed correctly
    1. Right-click “My Computer” —- Properties “— Hardware” —- Device Manager ” The controller “see if there is a yellow exclamation mark in front. If so, it means that the sound card is driven. The model does not know the sound card model. The string of characters and numbers under the sound, video and game controller are the sound card model. You can also run in the “Start” menu. ” Find in the interface.
    3. Put the drive CD of the sound card into the optical drive, right -click the number option under “sound, video and game controller”, select the “update driver order” to open the “hardware update wizard” selection “this time alone only this time alone “— The next step” — automatic device software “-The next step” The system is to automatically search and install the sound card driver in the CD-ROM. Until the completion.
    4. Download the driver software device
    There are many websites that download the sound card drive. The simple method is to visit the homepage of the comprehensive large website, enter your sound card model into the search “box, click” Search the “button, from the open interface, select the website you want to download. When searching, you must install the Kingsoft Guardian Internet protection software, so as not to cause computer poisoning due to the problem of the computer without sound.
    3. Check whether the computer is a virus Trojan.
    First, use the security guard to conduct a Trojan to kill and kill it to rule out whether it is caused by a virus Trojan.
    How to use
    1. Enter the main interface and enter [Killing Trojan]
    2. Then click [Quick Scan] to
    4. System configuration problem
    1. 1. Double-click the small speaker icon in the taskbar to pop up the “volume control window”, and the mouse click the “Options” tag ———– select “Properties”.
    2. Select “Volume Control” and “Waves” in “Display the following volume control” and click OK.
    3. Click on the computer desktop task bar.
    5. Enter my computer hardware device manager -right -click the sound card -attribute -resource -see if there is conflict, there are BIOS settings to solve it. It is recommended to refer to various types of hardware instructions to solve the computer without sound. “

    Brown- April 24, 2022 |

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    The cause of the problem and the corresponding solution:

    1. The computer sound line is not connected, the speaker is not opened, and the volume of the speaker is placed at the minimum. The location or speaker is not power supply, or the interface of the audio output and input of the sound card is reversed. This causes the computer to have no sound
    2. In the volume control in the lower right corner of the computer screen, control the volume to the minimum, or set it to mute.
    3. Virus Trojan in the computer, the virus destroys files related to audio processing, especially system components related to DSOUND are destroyed by the virus. It is recommended Killing computer virus.
    4. Sound card driver related programs are destroyed or installed errors in the driver, and the device driver is installed. The problem of your computer

    Mildred Allen- April 24, 2022 |

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    It is estimated that the computer does not install a sound card, or the sound card is broken.

    Irene Lee- April 24, 2022 |

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    Maybe there is no sound card, or there is no sound card driver

    Lois- April 24, 2022 |

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    This may be this may be this may be Questions of Sound Card

    Judith Cox- April 24, 2022 |