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How to set up automatic lock

Asked by: Jack Moore 16 views Internet May 7, 2022

How to set up automatic lock

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    The Ruijie automatic lock settings can enter the car without stepping on the clutch or brakes, press the power key on the car twice, and press the lock key for 5-10 seconds. Wait until the double jump light flashs, the automatic lock setting can be settings. Finish. The purpose of the automatic lock function is to prevent theft. After driving, it can be lock quickly to prevent traffic gates from being robbed when traffic jams and waiting for traffic lights.
    Automatic locks can protect the passengers in the car in the car to prevent the car from driving. Unreasonable young passengers open the door wrench, which causes traffic accidents to cause damage to personnel or property losses. Furthermore, the automatic lock function can also be robbed by the door when being traffic jam or waiting for traffic lights.
    In the early days, the vehicle did not have the function of automatic lock. Many car owners also forgot to lock the door after getting in the car, so there were many door robbery crimes. The automatic lock function of the vehicle can play a safe protective role, and there are fewer sliding door robbery. Furthermore, the current door lock is a combination of mechanical and electronics. Once a car accident occurs, the electronic equipment fails, and the occupants in the car can still open the car and drive the door to escape.

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