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About how to access the server attacked by DDOS

Asked by: Kathryn 21 views Internet May 8, 2022

Everyone should have heard of the news of A Island Shen Island?The notice is attacked by DDOS. The principle of DDOS is to occupy the bandwidth of the server. Is there a way to link the server in the broadband in the broadband?If some foreign websites cannot be accessed, can I bypass the national network security system to link foreign websites (such as Steam community)

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    No.You will be rejected by connecting the server.Unable to access abroad, as long as your browser’s DNS is in China or a Chinese browser, then you don’t want to visit abroad.(The DNS we use is basically in China, and the DNS connected abroad will be very slow.) In short, it is impossible, otherwise DDOS will be meaningless (of course, there is also a chance of success, but very small).

    Wilson- May 8, 2022 |