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Why is privacy protection more important than information sharing?

Asked by: Bennett 26 views Internet May 8, 2022

Why is privacy protection more important than information sharing?

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    A few days ago, the State Council’s “Outline of Promoting Big Data Development Action” was officially released publicly, thereby opening the prelude to the deployment of big data development in the national system. The “Outline” proposes to start from the three aspects of government big data, emerging industry big data, and security guarantee system to promote the construction of top ten projects in the field of big data; we must comprehensively promote the development and application of big data, accelerate the opening and sharing of government data, deepen big data Innovative applications in various industries; through the construction of a strong country, improve the government governance capabilities, and promote economic transformation and upgrading.
    With the release of the Outline, China’s big data development will usher in the top -level design and officially rise to the national strategy. Regardless of whether we call the big data era, the Internet era, the era of the Internet of Things, and the era of intelligent wearing, there is a common feature between them, which is information data. When people and things are data, it means that huge business opportunities are hidden among these data, and the guidance of big data introduced by the State Council is enough to prove the value of big data.
    In the face of the huge value contained in big data, I am not worried that its commercial value will not be excavated. I am worried about how to grasp the relationship between the size of the commercial mining and the right to privacy of citizens. Today, the commercialization of big data has been formed. When we log in or visited related websites through PC and browse some information, our behavior on the computer will be recorded. When we log in to some websites again and open the relevant page, some “psoriasis” ads will be pushed to our eyes.
    So, who has solicited the opinions of users when pushing these “psoriasis” ads? Where is the commercial mining boundary that follows the user’s use behavior? These problems may be more important than currently promoting big data business mining.
    First of all, from the current actual situation, the front end of the big data business is very prosperous, and the laws and regulations of the commercial back -end are relatively lagging behind. Excessive commercial digging occurs if there is no relevant privacy protection, and it will inevitably cause the dislike of users. So, what extent should merchants commercialize the data and how to control this scale has become the focus of attention to relevant departments.
    Secondly, for enterprises, which data can be tapped and which data cannot be tapped in commercialization; for the administrative department, what departments can have what kind of data usage rights … These have key scale problems. If relevant laws and regulations and policies can be introduced in time, then a lot of citizen privacy and security issues can be relieved; on the contrary, if this guidance norms have not come out, then citizen privacy is very dangerous.
    Especially after the data of all in the era of intelligent wearables, all human behavior and physical characteristics of life are data, network security and data security are the most urgent and major things in front of them. It is foreseeable that in the era of intelligent wearable, the recognition relationship between people and things, people and the Internet must not be the current digital password, but more complicated biometric technology, such as gait, vein, retina, heart rate, etc. With the help of wearable devices connect and bind people with equipment. After identification through human physiological characteristics, an unique identity identification characteristics and unique ID are established.
    Obviously, this proposal of identification features is relatively safe, especially for financial systems, future payment is safe. Once your device is stolen, you will automatically fail when you leave. The commercial value behind the deep data will be enlarged, and at the same time, it will be enlarged, as well as data security risks. However, we cannot stop the development of science and technology development because of the risks of big data security.
    We need to treat data security with caution, but they are not cautious. Just like we know that online banking is not safe, but we will still use it carefully. At this time, for banks and other institutions, how to ensure the safety of user property through technology; we know that American guns are flooded, but many people are still “” Prediction in the United States, at this time, how to prevent these cases through laws and regulations for the US government. In the face of big data, the government needs to improve the level and method of supervision, and reduce the risk coefficient and harm of crimes as much as possible to a reasonable range. Of course, there are always some people in the society who want to earn the money of crooked doors and the doors of the door. This is how the government needs to be effectively controlled. Although we have not yet entered the era of big data, related disadvantages, problems and security risks have been exposed to more or less.
    With the introduction of big data documents on the State Council, on the one hand, it will accelerate the formation of the big data industry, and it will inevitably accelerate the mining of commercial value. But in this process, we especially cannot ignore the emphasis on the privacy of citizens. Therefore, it is important to develop the big data industry, but it may be more important for citizens than mining.

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