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CF client lack file bug

Asked by: Scott Adams 58 views Software May 7, 2022

After playing for 5 rounds, the homeowner will display it after entering the second. You can only play one big picture every time you restart? What is the reason?I have been playing normally before.There are so many recent CF issues

1 Answers

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    It can be solved through the repair function that comes with Wegame.
    You can refer to the following steps:
    Tools: R9000K; Operating System: Windows 10
    1. Open the computer and find the Tencent game platform (Wegame), click to open.

    2. After entering the Tencent Game Platform (Wegame), find CF.

    3. Then click the inverted triangle icon in the upper right corner of the line of fire.

    4. Select the game repair in the pop -up menu.

    5. After opening the game repair, click the check button immediately.

    6. Wait for the detection to complete. Click one -click repair. When you open the game again, you will not detect the client file damage and turn off the game client.

    Jason Cox- May 7, 2022 |