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How to learn PS?

Asked by: Harry Owen 8 views Software May 14, 2022

How to learn PS?

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    Learn Photoshop (referred to as PS), give you the suggestion of PS:

    If you want to achieve quick success, it is recommended Let’s look at the video tutorial of the system first. It is best to follow it while watching. After you have a certain understanding of the software, you can look at the examples on the forum, which is the stage of improvement. The new version of the PS software contains all the functions of the old version. If you use the new version, it has little impact on learning. If you use the old version, some tutorials will not be applicable. PS is very easy to learn, and it can be used quickly.
    Suggestions to beginners:
    Self -learning PS misunderstanding: There is usually a misunderstanding in the self -study process of PS, that is, always hope that someone will take yourself to learn, and hope that others can teach step by step. This is a phenomenon I saw in many places, including me, including me, including me, including me When I started to think so, I found that I still have to rely on myself. It is impossible for others to teach you step by step. Of course, I understand this process before I experienced it later. So when you decide to learn PS yourself, you need to adjust your mentality, because if you still expect a person to take you like a teacher to teach you the problem, and keep going to various forums/posts/or worship in the group. One is to be disappointed. They have no time and no obligation to spend so much energy on you. Too much time is to find your enthusiasm in finding a master. Therefore, the mentality must be adjusted from the beginning.
    Photoshop Software Basic Tools understand: The software installation will not be said here, I do n’t know how to go online and install it. So understanding the basic tools of Photoshop software is the problem to be faced at the beginning. Do not expect who you can take you in this process. You can only find related tutorial yourself. When it comes to a tool, you can find it. For the choice of tutorials, the recommendation is to use video tutorials, and it is a supporting tutorial with video -related materials. This can greatly reduce your self -study process and improve efficiency. At the same time, you can learn some simple single case textbooks in this process. It is not recommended to buy books here.
    Learn to learn with your friends: A big taboo in the process of learning PS is that you only learn or not. This will make you think that learning PS is a very boring thing, and you ca n’t feel the progress of learning. Here we must learn the combination of practice, and learn to practice with your friends, that is, to find friends who also learn PS, interact, and find their shortcomings at the same time. There are many friends who also like PS in Baidu Tieba, who can form a good interaction with them, that is, helping friends in need, and progressing at the same time. This is a more recommended method.
    Improve soft power: After learning for a while, the little friends will feel that they know more and more things, some small requirements mentioned by others, or handling some basic pictures are no longer a problem. It is enough for those who play, but it is not enough to learn more in more deeply. What should you do? So we need to improve your design literacy, how to improve it? You can communicate with people who are also learning, and read more books about design (the books here are not a PS tutorial) to improve your design literacy, not just a person who understands the basic tools of the software. If you want to have a deeper understanding of Photoshop, Teacher Li Tao’s “PS Master Road” video tutorial is an indispensable part.
    Through the study of this process, I believe that anyone who wants to learn PS can master PS technology well. Remember in a word: work for interest is the best motivation.

    Antonio Patel- May 15, 2022 |

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    Facting the tutorial

    Anthony Reynolds- May 15, 2022 |

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    Find a professional teacher

    Evelyn Clark- May 15, 2022 |

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    [url = https: //www.***.net /study.asp?vip=22584966 [51 Self -Study Network] -The video tutorial recorded by a professional training teacher makes learning very easy [/url]

    Collins- May 15, 2022 |

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    Perhaps you must get started first, and then learn some yourself Interested in.

    Janice Davies- May 16, 2022 |

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    station, Xiaohongshu, Baidu, all have tutorials

    Melissa Davies- May 16, 2022 |

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    PS are generally divided into nine areas. Each step of PS is viewed in historical records. Familiar with the location of each tool can be more convenient.

    Frances Young- May 16, 2022 |

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    1. Download the tutorial on the Internet. 2. Buy PS books .3 Some chat rooms have PS teaching classrooms. Free. Such as Sina UC chat room, etc.

    Jennifer Richards- May 16, 2022 |

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    1. You can read books. Some tutorials have detailed examples and operation descriptions.

    2. You can go to major websites to watch teaching videos. It will also mention various operations and instructions.

    It’s simple to get started, but if you want to use it well energy.

    Please accept the answer in time, thank you!

    Robin- May 16, 2022 |

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    Download PS software, and then there are many courses on the Internet. Choose an entry to study for you, and then follow it. That’s how I learned.

    Julia Evans- May 16, 2022 |

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    to report a class, or go to some self -study videos, and then start learning.

    Shirley Moore- May 16, 2022 |

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    B has many tutorials, as long as you have the patience to learn. When you look at it, find more examples to practice.

    Jean- May 16, 2022 |

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