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CAD, PS, Office, CEAC, computer intermediate, office automation research what do you take?What are the answers of these research?

Asked by: Marie Stewart 76 views Software May 14, 2022

CAD, PS, Office, CEAC, computer intermediate, office automation research what do you take?What are the answers of these research?

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    You ask this way like this. In fact, there are three major computer exams in my country: grade exams, NIT, soft test. Let’s introduce the three major exams below:
    1. Computer level test (referred to as NCRE): sponsored by the Ministry of Education, evaluating computer capabilities, mainly used to examine computer use capabilities of non -computer majors.
    There are currently four levels of computer -level exams: a total of four levels:
    Level 1: Evaluate the basic skills of the basic knowledge of micro -computer and the use of office software and the Internet.
    Examination subjects in the second half of 2004: first-level MS-Office, first-level WPS, first level B
    Grade II: Evaluate the basic knowledge of computer and use a high -end computer language or database management software compilation program and basic skills on board debugging. Examination subjects in the second half of 2005: Programming: C, Visual Basic, C ++, Java, Visual, Database Class: FoxPro, C ++. Basic knowledge includes the following content: data structure and algorithm, programming methods, software engineering, database foundation.
    Level 3: divided into four categories: “PC technology”, “information management technology”, “database technology” and “network technology”. “PC Technology” evaluates the basic knowledge of PC hardware composition and Windows operating system, as well as basic skills of PC use, management, maintenance, and application development; Basic skills for the development and maintenance of automation system projects; the basic skills of the basic knowledge of the “database technology” assessing the basic knowledge of the database system and the development and maintenance of the database application system project; Skill.
    Level 4: Evaluate the basic skills of the basic knowledge of computer majors and the analysis and design of computer application projects.
    The test written test and the on -board test implemented a percentage score. The written test notified the candidates with a percentage system, and the candidate score was notified as an equal score. The score is divided into “failure”, “and grid”, “good”, “excellent” four -class. 100-90 is divided into “excellent”, 89-80 is divided into “good”, 79-60 is divided into “passing”, and 59-0 is divided into “failed”.
    Both the written test and the on -board test are above the “pass”, and a certificate of qualifications will be issued by the Ministry of Education Examination Center. Both the written test and the on -board test are “excellent”. The certificate of “excellent” will be indicated in the qualified certificate. The certificate is not good.
    The national computer -level examination qualification certificate style is designed according to the international passage certificate. It is written in Chinese and British text. The certificate number is unified nationwide. The certificate is printed with the holder ID number and photos. This certificate is universal nationwide, and it is a proof of the computer application capabilities of the holder. It can also be used as a reference for the employer’s employment and assessment staff.
    NCRE starts twice a year. The first half, two, and third levels will start the test in the first half of the year. The test time in the first half of the year was the first Saturday morning (written test) in April, and the test time in the second half of the year was the second Saturday morning (written test) in September. The time limit for the on -board test is five days, and the test sites are arranged according to the number of candidates and the equipment conditions.
    The exam is combined with a unified proposition of the nation, a unified examination time, a paper pen and pen test, and the on -board operation examination. The question type in the paper and pen test is based on the choice questions and the blank questions. The four levels contain discussions.
    Pen pen Test time: secondary Visual Basic, secondary Visual FoxPro, secondary Java, second -level Access, and secondary C ++ are 90 minutes, second -level C, 3rd levels are 120 minutes, and the fourth level is 180 minutes.
    Time to operate on -board operation: 2nd C, third, and fourth levels are 60 minutes, secondary Visual Basic, secondary Visual FoxPro, secondary Java, secondary ACCESS, and secondary C ++ are all 90 minutes. The first -level paper -free on -board test is 90 minutes.
    The specific time for each examination registration shall be stipulated by the provincial (autonomous region, municipality) level. Candidates go to the nearest test site in accordance with relevant regulations.
    Candidates can bring their ID cards to the nearest test site. Minors who do not have an ID card can register with their identity documents based on their accountbooks.
    The last test written test and the on -board test are only one of the scores. The last test transcript should be issued in the next exam.
    2. NIT (National Information Application Technology Examination) and CEAC Exams (National Informatization Computer Education Certification Examination): sponsored by the Ministry of Labor, mainly used to examine the ability of computer operators in various occupations, focus on skills, and cultivate operators. The exam is not introduced in detail. You can’t use it.
    3. Soft test: sponsored by the Ministry of Personnel and the Information Industry Department, focusing on the systemic and macroex analysis and problems of knowledge, mainly used to examine the comprehensive quality and professional ability of computer professionals. The full name of computer technology and software technical qualifications (levels) examinations are the improvement and development of the original Chinese computer software professional and technical qualifications and horizontal examinations (referred to as software examinations).
    Soft tests are included in the unified planning of the professional qualification certificate system for professional and technical personnel in the country. The person who obtains the certificate through the examination shows that they already have the level and ability to work in professional positions. The employer can choose to be appropriate to appropriate professional and technical positions from those who obtain the certificate according to the work needs (technicians, assistant engineers, engineers, senior engineers).
    Starting in 2004, the exams will be held twice a year, and the levels of the exams in the first half of the year and the second half of the year are not the same.
    Soft tests are divided into junior, intermediate and senior exams. Do not require education at any level, and the funding conditions are required.
    Soft tests can be divided into 5 categories according to professional categories: computer software, computer networks, computer application technology, information system, information services. It can be divided into three levels according to the level: senior engineer, engineer, assistant engineer/technician.
    I only introduce the computer software aspects of the professional category. Others can check the others online. Advanced: System Analyst Exam; Intermediate: Software Designer Exam (Former Senior Programmer Test); Primary: Programmer Test (former Primary Programmer Test).
    Let’s introduce this, let’s talk about my personal point of view: I personally think that you don’t need to take a computer -level exam. Now, basically everyone has a secondary and third -level certificate. If you have more exams, you lose your original meaning. But if you want to develop in software or programming, C language, Java’s basic languages ​​must be learned well, that is, the foundation must be firm, not to say that you do n’t learn C language if you do n’t take the level exam. You can’t learn only one language. You have to learn a lot of languages ​​and be proficient in 1,2 doors. It is recommended that you take the software designer (that is, the original senior programmer exam), and that certificate will be useful for you). Finally, say a few words: learning computers is actually very bitter. When you encounter setbacks, don’t give up! Persistence is victory! I wish you a certain development in the IT industry!

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