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Which graphics card is better

Asked by: King 21 views Hardware May 16, 2022

AMD R5 5600G comes with Vega7 vs Intel DG1

3 Answers

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    Intel DG1 is a bit stronger, Intel DG1 performance is close to GTX760, but this is a graphics card for notebooks or all -in -one machines, VEGA7 comes with AMD R5 5600G, and the VEGA7 7 and GTX750Ti on the AMD R5 5600G are similar, and AMD R55600G is a desktop CPU, so you have to feel bad, you can add uniquely, and the notebook replacement graphics card is not very convenient

    Jones- May 16, 2022 |

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    AMD should be better

    Joseph- May 16, 2022 |

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    From the evaluation parameters, the DG1 is slightly higher than 5600G

    but after all, it is not a performance graphics card, and it is used for mobile terminals, so it is not suitable for large 3A games.

    Saunders- May 16, 2022 |