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What’s more special about the motherboard of the laptop computer

Asked by: Eric 21 views Computer June 2, 2022

What's more special about the motherboard of the laptop computer

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    The first is that the motherboard of the laptop is designed and produced separately according to the brand that the brand is designed in advance.Therefore, the motherboard of the notebook is not universal, and the second is that the laptop motherboard is limited to the bearing capacity (energy efficiency) that cannot be done too high.The third is that the hardware of the laptop motherboard is almost all welded with the motherboard (double -sided welding), and there are almost no plugs (including all -in -one motherboards)./P>

    Nicole Knight- June 2, 2022 |

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    Is it compared with desktop machines?

    The notebook requires compactness, in order to give other components (as much as possible in the notebook component, instead of inserting): hard disk (and other storage components), memory, graphics card, battery….. The heat dissipation equipment must also be special

    The motherboard of the laptop is generally not rectangular, but an alienOne of the reasons for assembly is that the manufacturer develops the motherboard self -development, according to the shape, the deformation of the equipment;/p>

    Ann Stevens- June 3, 2022 |