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Which of laser printer and ink cartridge printer is better?

Asked by: Willie Anderson 27 views Hardware June 7, 2022

Which of laser printer and ink cartridge printer is better?

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    The difference between laser printer and inkjet printer

    First: Price
    The price is often the first element that determines the purchase of consumers. The price of inkjet printer is above 300 yuan, but the cheapest laser printer is also more than 900 yuan. For those who only use the printing function simply, inkjet printers are definitely the first choice Essence

    Second: Print clarity
    In terms of simplicity, it is definitely better than a laser printer. You must know that the resolution of the laser printer is only 1200DPI. It cannot be used to print high -quality pictures. Even digital printing stores, they use inkjet printers.

    Third: Applicable paper
    Compared with the laser printer and laser printer, the scope of paper is very large. Inkjet printer is suitable for various types of paper. Even the CD -PL paper can be used, but the applicable paper of the laser printer is narrow, and only ordinary printing paper can be used.

    Fourth: Consumption
    The consumables are the flaws of the inkjet printer, and there is one thing that the price of the ink cartridge is very high, even higher than the printer itself. The consumables of the printing page of the laser printer are relatively small. Under normal circumstances, a laser printer’s 1 ink powder can be equivalent to 10 ink cartridges in inkjet printers.

    Fifth: Print speed
    The printing speed of the inkjet printer is far less than the laser printer. It can only be printed one by one at a time, and it can print a page once. The same needs, the laser printer can meet you and print them quickly.

    If your home does not have the need for color printing, it is recommended to buy a laser printer, because the stability of the laser printer is good, the maintenance cost is low, and the printing cost is also better than the printing cost. Inkjet printers are much cheaper. In addition, laser printers have small noise and fast printing speed when printing, and they are very suitable for family use, especially families that need to print a large number of textbooks.

    In addition, if the conditions are allowed, you can consider purchasing all -in -one machines, so that you can facilitate printing, and you can also use the scanning and copy function, which can fully meet all the daily use of the family.

    If your family has the need to print color, consider the inkjet printer. The cost of color laser printer is much higher than the inkjet printer, so it is not recommended for color laser, and inkjet printer.

    Inkjet printer can also print black and white textbooks in addition to printing color images. At the same time, most printers can choose to print ink boxes, so that the cost of use can be greatly reduced. However, it should be noted that if the inkjet printer is not used for a long time, the nozzle is blocked, so it is better to keep the frequency of use. Generally, it can be used once a week.

    Different needs can choose different printers, and choosing printers from the needs of home users is the best way. In a word, if you often need to print color manuscripts in your home, choose inkjet printer. If the color demand is not high, you can directly select the laser printer.
    In addition, when buying a printer, you can also consider whether to support wireless printing, whether you can connect to mobile phone printing, etc., so as to facilitate our usual use.

    Sharon Hunter- June 7, 2022 |

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    Of course it is a laser printer.

    Kathy Price- June 7, 2022 |

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    Laser printer, but in the price of ink cartridges, the laser printer is more expensive than the ink cartridge printer

    Wayne- June 7, 2022 |

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    laser Printers and inkjet printers
    There are three common printers: needle printers, inkjet printers and laser printers. The needle printer has passed the glorious period and gradually enters the dusk; although the price of laser printers is constantly declining, there is still a certain gap compared with the mainstream color spray, and the price will be much higher if you want to use color. In this way, the inkjet printer is not surprised recently.
    Inkjet printers are developed after a needle printer, using non -blow working methods. The more prominent advantages include small volume, simple and convenient operation, low print noise, pictures that are comparable to photos when using special paper, and so on. After several years of tempering, the technology of inkjet printers has made great development. In 1995, the color inkjet printer of about 4,000 yuan, the printed beauty can be rough to the skin like Wang Ermazi. Until now, the color inkjet printer of more than 1,000 yuan is enough to cope with all the needs of ordinary families. Even users who have high requirements for picture quality like photography enthusiasts can also be in color of more than 2,000 to 3,000 yuan. Find the ideal product in inkjet printers.
    Laser printer
    The speed is fast, and now black and white machines are also cheap. It can be bought in 1,000, but it cannot be printed with color pictures. Now the so -called laser printer is generally black and white machines. There is no big use of black and white for the picture.
    Color laser printers are more than 6,000 yuan, and color consumables are also expensive, and few people can afford it.
    But the advantage of the laser printer is that any inkjet printer is not comparable, that is, fast speed, because the printing principle of the laser printer is the printing, it is a semiconductor roller. Roll it over again, and finally set it with high temperature, a piece of paper is printed like this. According to the reflection ability of the laser printer, the average printing speed is about 40-50 pages in one minute. The print density of the printer is very large. The smaller the powder particles of the consumables, the greater the picture resolution printing, and the effect of the photo is very close.
    The principle of printing inkjet is the upgrade of a needle machine, which is sprayed on the paper and lines on the paper by moving the print head back and forth. Seeing something, but the laser printer is not visible at all. The size of that point is a particle of the powder. Who can count the powder? impossible.
    The printing speed of the inkjet printer is slower and slower than the needle. The reason is that the line and line of printing. The higher the resolution, the slower the speed. The Epson inkjet printer took a total of 10 minutes to print, and the laser printer printing a photo of 1 foot that was better than it could be printed in 5 seconds. The speed is 120 times.
    Simply put: inkjet printer, cheap machine, expensive consumables! Laser printer, expensive machine, cheap consumables!

    Cynthia Davies- June 7, 2022 |

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    Laser long -term cost -effective

    Angela Martin- June 7, 2022 |