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What are the four locks on the computer keyboard?

Asked by: Donna Miller 49 views Computer June 21, 2022

My desktop wireless keyboard has 4 locks on the right to the right. The first is Numlock, the second is the uppercase key, and the third and fourth is?IntersectionIntersectionI couldn't find the key and found that it was locking. Guiqiu

addition: My keyboard is Lenovo

2 Answers

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    You should take a specific photo of your keyboard photos

    I don’t know which model of the keyboard

    Is there a FN key for your keyboard?

    Press the FN key first, and then press some keys. For example, I just press fn first, then press F12 this is the lock of the WIN key.The combination key

    So, you need to look at your keyboard when you i i. By the way, not only the top of the keycap, but some keycaps have words on the side.

    Jane Carter- June 22, 2022 |

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    The third is Scrollck, the fourth one I don’t know

    Ruby Khan- June 22, 2022 |