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What are the instruments for safety warning in public places for geological disaster group testing?

Asked by: Jerry 5 views Internet June 23, 2022

Prevent geological disasters and reduce property losses.

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    The crack monitoring and early warning instrument is a monitoring and early warning instrument developed by the wall cracks and surface cracks. The low -power design can work independently for a long time.The schedule is large, and the early warning value is set freely.Real voice broadcast, real -time data show.Large -capacity memory and high -precision real -time clock can store massive historical data and support inspectors to check in attendance records.The built -in speaker power can be adjusted, supports local direct warning, has audio output interface, and can connect external amplifier equipment.It is applied to the fields of geological disaster group testing, professional monitoring, safety early warning of public places, and safety monitoring of geotechnical engineering.

    Question: SC3 Small Crack Monitoring Early Warning Instrument

    Answer: Application of Wall Titan Monitoring, Safety Monitoring Safety Early Warning Substitute Substation Settlement Settlement Monitoring of Geological Disaster

    Scott King- June 24, 2022 |

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