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I would like to ask the IP12 suddenly there is no honeycomb signal (display E), what is the normal situation of the wireless network

Asked by: Jones 17 views Internet June 22, 2022

IP12 suddenly has no honeycomb signal (display E). What is the normal situation of the wireless network?This kind of problem has not occurred before today. Is it related to falling from the bed in the morning?The height is half a meter, and there is a protective case.

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    1. Update the system of the mobile phone to the latest mobile version (Note: Please backup data before updating the system)
    2. Check whether the protective case of the mobile phone is metal, unload all the mobile phone case protection function
    3. Check the network of the mobile phone, whether it is in the operator network, check whether the operator network is normal
    4. Go to the mobile phone to “set”, find the “honeycomb network”, and turn on the mobile network again
    5. Mandatory turn off all background applications, restart the mobile phone

    Knight- June 23, 2022 |