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Enter PE garbled code

Asked by: Frank Bell 10 views Software June 23, 2022

Lenovo G470 has not yet entered PE, showing a bunch of garbled, and Didi sound, how to solve

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    We do GRUB guidance PE startup and prone to garbled problems. After research, this is actually because the menu is not saved as UTF-8 encoding.
    Therefore, we must encode the menu in the UTF-8 format, not ANSI.
    But even if we save the menu to UTF-8 format, when the error returns, there will still be garbled.
    At this time, we can modify it on the menu to the following sentences:
    Timeout 10
    GFXMENU (BD)/Boot/Message || Find-SET-ROOT/BOOT/Message &&GFXMenu (BD)/Boot/Message
    Configfile (MD) 4+3
    title 【01】 Winpe 2003
    MAP-MEM (BD)/Boot/***. ISO (0xff) || Find-SET- ROOT/BOOT/***.ISO (0xff) &&MAP-MEM (BD)/Boot/** *.so (0xff)
    map –Hook
    chainloader (0xff)

    But even if this sentence is added, the following problems will still occur if the menu is more:
    The menu display is incomplete.
    How to solve this problem?
    Just modify “Configfile (MD) 4+3”:
    configfile (MD) 4+8
    Zhaohj said that the built -in menu cannot exceed 4K, so the maximum is 8 sectors.
    I guess that the 3 value is too small, so some menus cannot be loaded. If your menu is larger, it is recommended to change to Configfile (MD) 4+8.

    Anderson- June 23, 2022 |

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