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I accidentally format the hard disk formatting, what should I do if the download software shows that the signature has been damaged?

Asked by: Wright 15 views Software June 22, 2022

I had formatting my D drive before, but the Program Files (*86) C drive D drive, and then download the formattown software to show that the signature has been damaged, and then the computer housekeeper can download it again.Download but cannot be installed. What should I do?

Addition: After downloading, this is the case.

3 Answers

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    The data loss caused by formatting, you can use EasyRecovery to scan the hard disk partition.The resumed partition position cannot be stored in the same partition with the loss file between them.The most rigorous way is to connect the hard disk that needs to be recovered from the disk, and then start the EasyRecovery to scan the board by the main disk, and restore it to the main disk partition.Avoid the coverage caused by mistakes.If your data is important, it is recommended to find a professional institution such as 51Recovery. This kind of software is irreversible in use. Once the operation error data, the data cannot be recovered.

    Margaret- June 22, 2022 |

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    should have nothing to do with the hard disk. You can see if there are any other problems

    Rebecca Murray- June 22, 2022 |

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    Try to recover with data recovery software once,

    Nicole Adams- June 22, 2022 |