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What causes the computer card game screen, it is instant screens, the game does not fall, the background program is normal, open a few numbers, sometimes only one card

Asked by: Anna Stewart 8 views Computer June 23, 2022

Play the perfect and Tencent platform game. The ASUS B660M-K +i512500 nuclear display is used, DDR4*2 3200m. I used to play with ASUS B250M-A +i5 7500.The problem, the BIOS rose to the latest, the driver was found on the official website. The system reinstalled various versions of the problem.P>

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    The reason seems to be really hard to say. It is recommended that you open the ‘resource manager’ to check the use of the CPU and memory. Which one is full of load operation and which is the problem, otherwise it is other problem -such as the network speed what is the Internet speed what is the Internet speed?of.

    Helen Campbell- June 23, 2022 |

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    The game itself has bugs

    Powell- June 23, 2022 |

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